DoctorD is about mixing different styles of music into something new.” - DoctorD

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Francis Depuydt, aka DoctorD, is a music producer from Lubbeek, Belgium, with a very varied musical background. In the 90ies, he played the violin and the guitar in the rock band Tribe. After this indie rock period, DoctorD ventured into heavy metal and together with some friends launched the dance metal project Unk!   At about the same time, DoctorD got very much interested in electronic music in all it's forms (elektro, minimal techno, ambient, drum & bass, etc.).

DoctorD produces studio projects that about blending different styles of music, and creating new hopefully interesting music that way. 

About the Paper Hearts Drum n Bass remix

This release is a follow-up single in the same melodic drum n bass genre, but this time it’s a remix of a song called ‘Paper Hears’ by the (now defunct) trio 3ROUGES. Again, the sounds of Hospital Records releases (Netsky, London Electricity, etc.) were the main source of musical inspiration. As DoctorD contributed many years ago to the selection of the vocalists of 3ROUGES, he got inspired by the voice of Ynke – one of the 3 singers of 3ROUGES. Her vocal on the original Paper Hearts song was the starting point of this remix. 

By the way: the band Unk! also did a remix of Paper Hearts, in their well-known industrial dance metal style – check out the Spotify link

And here’s a Spotify link to the original song

About Swara

In this new release, a single this time, DoctorD went for a drum n bass track infused with female Hindi chant. Drum n bass is one of DoctorD’s favourite genres, and this track is a bit in the tradition of Netsky and London Electricity. 


The word ‘Swara’ is a Hindu female first name, meaning ‘Tones’, ‘Musical Notes’, ‘Tune’ and ‘Self Shining’. This track is a tribute to his many colleagues from India (yes, DoctorD has a day-time job in IT). Their preciseness, dedication, positive spirit and general kindness is an inspiration for him. And in all fairness…DoctorD is a huge fan of Indian cuisine as well.

About Can't Live in a Living Room

A short album (EP) with 4 radical remixes of the track ‘I Can’t Live in a Living Room’ by Red Zebra, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of that track, back in 1980.  I was 16 years old at that moment, and the song was very influential in molding my musical tastes. My respect and gratitude to Peter Slabbynck and Red Zebra for that! 

Peter Slabbynck on this DoctorD release (translated from Dutch): « I know that some Red Zebra fans are struggling with the idea of other versions of ‘I Can’t Live in a Living Room’, but as for me, I’m always looking forward to new versions, especially when deviating strongly from the original. » 

Deviate strongly from the original. That is what I enjoy a lot when doing remixes. The 4 tracks on this album each have a very different style - from trap to EDM to jazz. Some might say that, therefore, my music as DoctorD is too ‘ecclectic’ and can’t be labeled with a genre. True. I guess that’s how I like it. 

I could not have created this album without the help of my friends - a big and warm thanks to Pascal Lewyllie for his epic and jazz compositions, to Eva Aerts for her strong and bright vocals, to Ivo Ceulemans for his warm jazzy vocals, to Bart Van Meulebroeck (aka ‘NEVEL’) for his pumping club version, to Johan Wuyckens (aka ‘Foob’) for the sleeve artwork, to Mikhail Elfimov (via Unsplash) for the sleeve picture, and of course to Peter Slabbynck and Red Zebra for the timeless lyrics.

About Missa Electronica

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